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Professional Pure Kikuyu Premium Seed Blend

Over sow

General Use

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New Lawn

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Where & When to Sow?

Sow in early autumn to allow development of a deep root system prior to first summer. Sowing in spring is also a suitable time, through more watering may be required throughout the first summer.

6 easy steps to sow our Munns Kikuyu

  1. Soil is to be evenly graded, well drained and level.
  2. Lightly rake area one way to create furrows.
  3. Shake pack thoroughly before seeding to overcome any setting. Broadcast the contexts of this pack evenly using the built-in spreader on top of pack.
  4. Rake again lightly at angles (90 degrees) to the original furrows.
  5. Keep the top 1cm of soil moist at times during germination using a fine mist spray. This may require watering several times a day especially in hot and windy conditions.
  6. Mow the lawn when the grass is 5-6cm high and just cut the top 2cm off this encourages root growth. As the lawn matures lower the blades gradually.

After 12 weeks fertilise your new lawn with a high quality Munns® Professional Lawn Fertiliser that suits your lawn type for a healthy, lush green lawn.

Lawn Seed Type

% by weight of Seed

Minimum Germination

Emerald Kikuyu


Above 85%


Blend also contains: 20% (by weight) slow release lawn food (22% Nitrogen, 5% Potassium, 2% Iron), 30% Zeolite (granular soil improver), and a wetting agent.


Plesae refer to Safety Data Sheet.


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