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Lawn Care Tips

With the winter weather here, many people stay warm with garden fires during their entertaining. But don’t forget there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to prepare your lawn so that you do not damage the grass beneath.

Lawn Care Tips , Garden Care Tips

Winter is on its way and even though it is cold and wet, there are still many things that you can be doing in the garden to help keep your lawn and plants looking the best they can be.

Garden Care Tips

This month we are focusing on bringing the outdoors in with out kitchen garden tips. We love garden kitchens because not only do the bring life and colour into your space, they also allow you to have fresh herbs at the ready when cooking your meals.

Lawn Care Tips , Garden Care Tips

Autumn is the best time of the year to sow cool season grasses such as Tall Fescue, Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass. Click here to read more Autumn garden and lawn tips.

Lawn Care Tips

Many grasses across Australia will suffer from drought or water restrictions at one stage or another. That’s why we have put together a few preparation tips to help you keep watering to a minimum.

How to Videos, Garden Care Tips

Julie Munn speaks with Kim Syrus about the iconic name Munns has become and how it all began. Click here to find out about Munns on In The Garden.

How to Videos, Lawn Care Tips , Garden Care Tips

Designed to give you the best possible result in an easy and low maintenance solution, Munns products will get you started on your home DIY during the summer months. This week's episode of The Home Team features Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

Lawn Care Tips

After seeding, your lawn goes through a variety of germination stages. Read more to see examples of what your lawn should look like after the seeding process.


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