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Lawn Care Tips

There are many reasons you should love your lawn. As Australians, so many of our memories revolve around the backyard or local park.

Lawn Care Tips

With all this dry weather around Australia we have seen some of the harshest watering restrictions enforced in decades.

Lawn Care Tips

Grey water can be a valuable source of water to use on your lawn, particularly during dry conditions. Learn how and where to use grey water at your place.


We challenge you to test your lawn knowledge and see if you come out on top as a Lawn Legend.

Lawn Care Tips

Spring is the best! Winter is finally over, there are more hours in the day, there’s a buzz in the air and you feel happier.

Lawn Care Tips , Weed Control

Wintergrass (Poa annua) is a common weed in many lawns across Australia. You can get winter grass under control with Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer.

Lawn Care Tips

A job that a lot of people neglect in winter is keeping the blades on the mower nice and sharp.


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