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Lawn Care Tips

Here’s how to keep your lawn looking luscious all summer long, with our Munns Sensational Summer Lawn Guide.

Lawn Care Tips

Spring is one of the best times of year to sow a new lawn. The mild weather allows a new lawn to establish itself and develop a deep root system before the stress of summer.

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Kim shows us just how easy it is to repair bare patches in lawns using Munns Arid Sun N Shade Lawn Seed Mix and Munns Superstart Lawn Starter Fertiliser.

How to Videos, Lawn Care Tips

Kim shows us just how easy it is to fertilise your lawn using Munns Golf Course Green Organically Enriched Lawn Fertiliser.

Lawn Care Tips

Many Australians make the mistake of neglecting their lawns through winter. Unfortunately though, lawns aren’t great at fending for themselves. You are your lawns best defence, so it pays to maintain it.

Lawn Care Tips

Autumn truly is the smartest time of the year to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter ahead. With the soil maintaining its summer warmth and the more frequent rainfall, your lawn is busy absorbing energy, moisture and all the nutrients it needs to get it through the coldest part of the year. Give your lawn a bit of a love now, and you’ll be sure to get a lot of love back by spring.

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It’s during Summer when we’re all outdoors, that we want our lawns to look their best. However, the hot weather can sometimes wreak havoc on our gardens but with a few simple tips, we can maintain a lush green lawn throughout the warmer months.

Garden Care Tips

Do you want to know the easiest way to have a great lawn? We dare you to take our 10-minute challenge!


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