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Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser

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Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser is easy to use. The efficiency of fertilisers will differ with the type of soil that you use to plant your lawn. In keeping with our policy of protecting the environment, see below our recommended directions for application and on-going maintenance.

Suggested application:

  • Sandy Soils 1kg per 40 square metres.
  • Heavier Soils 1kg per 20 square metres.

Suggested maintenance:

Although fertilising on a frequent basis will give you the visual effect of lush green lawn, the increased mowing and watering required to maintain your lawn in good condition may outweigh the benefits. Munns are very conscious of the effect that indiscriminant use of fertilisers have had on our environment and for this reason we suggest that you use the following as a guide only to the frequency of application:

  • High traffic areas should be fertilised every 6 weeks.
  • Normal lawn use should be fertilised every 3 months.
  • Minimum maintenance level during Spring and Autumn.
Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser
Nitrogen (N) 12
Phosphorus (P) 0.5
Potassium (K) 5
  • Keep product stored in original container out of sunlight.
  • Always use personal protection whenever handling products.
  • If product comes in contact with skin wash with soapy water.
  • May be harmful if swallowed. Contact doctor if ingestion occurs.

Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet.


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