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Winter tips for your lawn and garden

Winter tips for your lawn and garden

Winter is on its way and even though it is cold and wet, there are still many things that you can be doing in the garden to help keep your lawn and plants looking the best they can be. 

Read on below to see the different types of tips we have for you this season in the garden. 


Mowing your lawn in Winter

During the cooler months, we recommend lowering the mowing height on your lawns to approximately 2.5cm. This lower mowing height allows the sun and its warmth into the thatch, which will improve your turf quality. This height typically works better for Munns Arid Smartgrass and Munns Pixie Sun N Shade Tall Fescue lawns. 

If you have a warm season grass like Santa Anna Couch (or other couch varieties), we recommend not cutting your lawn at all during the Winter months. Should you need to cut your lawn to maintain the growth of any weeds like sour sobs, you could mow your lawn at approximately 2—3.5cm so it is not too low and just cut the tips of the weeds. 

Desiduous trees drop leaves that you need to rake from your lawn -

If you have deciduous trees in your lawn, you will need to make sure that you are not leaving the dropped leaves on the lawn below. The leaves drop so that the tree can let sunlight through to the lawn, however if you do not pick the leaves up, they block sunlight to the grass underneath, hinder the oxygen, water and nutrients from getting where they need to go, and in turn make the lawn below more susceptible to fungal diseases and pests.

Ensure that you are raking up the leaves from below the tree and adding them to your compost area. 

Munns tip: Try not to cut lawns when they are wet and don’t forget to check your mower blades prior to cutting as sharp blades will cut the lawn cleaner. 


Fertilising your lawn in Winter

It is important that you do not fertilise your lawn if the temperature is below 15°C.

Cool season grasses are evergreen and grow year round, so they will need fertilising. Not sure if you have a cool season grass? These lawn varieties are listed below: 

  • Tall Fescue (Munns Arid Smartgrass and Munns Pixie Sun N Shade)
  • Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye Grass or Chewings Fescue. (Munns Golf Course Green, Houndog and Victorian Lawn seed mixes)

To fertilise these varieties we recommend you use either Munns Golf Course Green Organically Enriched or Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Lawn Fertilisers.

Warm season grasses are typically your Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo lawn varieties. 

To fertilise these varieties we recommend you use either Munns Buffalo Booster Lawn Fertiliser or Munns Buffalo Green Lawn Fertiliser. 

These organic based fertilisers also contain Munns Weta-Lawn & Garden, which traps moisture in the soil and also slows down the release of the fertiliser, making your lawn greener for longer. If you prefer a liquid fertiliser then use Munns Organic Lawn Booster Liquid Fertiliser.

For a more drought tolerant lawn, you only need to fertilise every three months. This keeps your lawn healthier with a strong root system so that when the warmer weather does return, your lawn will survive drought and water restriction periods much better. 

Munns tip: Don’t fertilise your lawn if the temperature is below 15°C and always cut your lawn and catch clippings before fertilising.

Controlling pests and weeds in your lawn during Winter

Maintaining a healthy lawn will help ensure the crowding out of any weeds and will result in fewer problems with lawn pests and fungus disease.

Maintaining soursob weeds in your lawn -

If you have sour sobs growing in your lawn, regular mowing will help weaken them and once spring arrives they will simply disappear until next winter.

August is the perfect time to spray your broadleaf weeds. These weeds include bindii, clover, paterson’s curse, creeping oxalis, wireweed and other broadleaf weeds. 

There are a few types of pest and weed control products available that you can choose from in both liquid and granulated format. 

  • Munns Bindii & Broadleaf Weed Killer 
  • Munns Buffalo Booster Triple Lawn Treatment 
  • Munns Quick-Fix Triple Lawn Treatment


Coring your lawn in Winter

Coring your lawn, or lawn aeration, helps relieve your soil from compaction and improves the flow of air, water and fertiliser nutrients through the soil and turf root zone. 
Whilst the soil is softer, Winter is an ideal time to get a head start on this process, which can be done with a hand held corer or you can hire a machine and contractor to get the job done for you. 

After coring, we recommend you directly apply Gypsum (a soft sulphate mineral) at 1kg per 2sqm. The Gypsum will work its way into the core holes and improve drainage in your lawn. 

Munns tip:
The Gypsum could be mixed in with your lawn fertiliser and applied at the same time, watering in immediately afterwards.


Fertilising your garden in Winter

During the cooler months we cannot forget about any vegetables or seedlings we are growing in the garden, just like we can’t forget about our native or bulb plants. 

Apply Munns Organic Garden Booster Fertiliser to your garden during the cooler months to ensure that they are getting the correct feed. 

Munns tip:
Apply a handful of Munns Weta-Lawn & Garden around the root ball and surface of your garden plants. This will allow the Winter rain to water it in for you.


Takeaways from this blog

  • Try not to cut lawns when they are wet
  • Don’t forget to check mower blades as sharp blades cut the lawn cleaner
  • Always cut your lawn and catch the clippings before fertilising
  • Apply fertiliser while it is raining and save water.
  • Apply Munns Weta-Lawn & Garden during Winter. It’s once a year application, let the Winter rain water it in for you!

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