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Weed Control

Lawn Care Tips , Weed Control

Even though it’s now Winter, there are still lots of lawn activities to do to help your lawn survive the cold winter months.

Lawn Care Tips , Weed Control

Wintergrass (Poa annua) is a common weed in many lawns across Australia. You can get winter grass under control with Munns Professional Winter Grass Killer.

Lawn Care Tips , Weed Control

The Munns definitive guide for autumn lawn care

Lawn Care Tips , Pest Control , Weed Control

It’s during Summer when we’re all outdoors, that we want our lawns to look their best. However, the hot weather can sometimes wreak havoc on our gardens but with a few simple tips, we can maintain a lush green lawn throughout the warmer months.

How to Videos, FAQs, Lawn Care Tips , Pest Control , Weed Control, Garden Care Tips

Make sure your lawn shines this Summer! This article takes you through our key points to keep your lawn and garden looking green and beautiful this summer.

How to Videos, Lawn Care Tips , Weed Control

Weeds can get a stranglehold on all lawns, especially summer active grasses such as Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo lawns, over winter and spring.

FAQs, Weed Control

Have a question about lawn care in your garden? Munns are experts in lawn and garden maintenance. See how we can help today.

FAQs, Weed Control

Herbicides (weed killers) work more effectively when the plant is growing vigorously. Wait 2-3 weeks after fertilising to spray the appropriate weed killer. Find out other great tips here.


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