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The Home Team’s secrets to the perfect lawn and garden using Munns lawn seeds


Renovation/DIY shows might be the flavour of the month; but when will we see a renovation show that actual shows viewers how to do it themselves, rather than showing viewers contestants arguing amongst themselves?

The Home Team has been devised to empower and inspire those wanting to have a go at home DIY. Its three hosts are experts in their fields and eager to share their knowledge with viewers and to give them the confidence to get their hands dirty.

This summer its time to do those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off... no more excuses! With some help from Munns, The Home Team will show you the how, what, why and when. 

Designed to give you the best possible result in an easy and low maintenance solution, Munns products will get you started on your home DIY festive holiday break.

This week's episode of The Home Team talks about choosing the right lawn seed for your situation.  It features Munns Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix, Munns Emerald Kikuyu Lawn Seed Mix, Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Seed Mix and Munns Pixie Sun N’ Shade Lawn Seed.

Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix
Munns Pooch Couch is a drought tolerant, hardwearing and self-repairing lawn seed.

It retains its green colour in winter months and is coated with bird deterrent as an added bonus. 

Pooch Couch can be notoriously slow, but with the blend of fine leaf turf type rye grass germinating in 4 – 5 days, this overcomes this problem.

A fine leaf turf type like rye acts as a mother crop, which will crowd out weeds while the slower germinating Pooch Couch establishes.

Emerald Kikuyu Lawn Seed Mix
Emerald Kikuyu is a turf type kikuyu that has a darker green colour and finer leaf texture than vegetative kikuyu and other seeded varieties. Emerald Kikuyu is more cold tolerant than other warm season grasses and as a result, retains its green colour better. It also withstands heat and drought well and is not susceptible to many common turf pests or diseases. It has good tolerance of wear and quickly recovers from injury. Its fine dense habit means it provides an excellent turf for the home gardener.

Some qualities of the Emerald Kikuyu are: 

-First turf-type Australian bred seeded Kikuyu grass.
-Less invasive than other varieties.
-Handles tough temperature, wear, part shade and drought conditions.
-Better winter colour retention than most warm season grasses and does not readily discolour with a single frost.
-Tolerates moderate soil salinity and salt spray.


Ideal to use for lawn repair patches, over-sowing cool season grass lawns that collapse in the heat, or for new lawns where you prefer to have a higher percentage of Emerald Kikuyu lawn seeds, this product responds well to a fertilising of Munns Buffalo Booster, Munns Buffalo Green or Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser in Spring and Autumn.

Golf Course Green Lawn Seed Mix
Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Seed is hardwearing and evergreen.

The turf is sun and shade tolerant, quick to establish and easy to maintain. It will grow in a wide range of soil and climatic conditions, including clay, sandy soil, hot and cold conditions.

When implemented and maintained correctly, the Golf Course Green Lawn Seed will develop a beautiful, deep green lawn for you.

Fun fact: It is the same lawn seed mix used on the World Cup playing surfaces in South Africa 2010.

Pixie Sun N’ Shade Lawn Seed
Munns Pixie Sun 'N Shade Lawn Seed is a lower growing Tall Fescue variety that requires less mowing.

It can be sown with confidence in heavily treed areas, withstanding up to 85% shade. With that being said, it will also grow equally as well in full sun.

This seed is hardwearing and evergreen and has good resistance against pests and diseases.

It will grow in a wide range of soil types including clay and sandy, is drought and cold tolerant and is ideal for over sow and lawn repair.

It also contains 85% Endophyte, which is a fungus that lives within the grass plant and produces a toxin which repels a host of turf insects, meaning a dramatic reduction in chemical usage, namely pesticides.

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