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Munns Summer Diary

Munns Summer Diary

We all want our lawn and garden to be looking beautiful and lush – particularly over summer when we are entertaining – it’s been a part of the Australian way of life for a long time. 

However, with water prices rising at a steady pace, we are continually looking at new and innovative ways for us to save you water and time in the garden. 

This article takes you through our key points to keep your lawn and garden looking green and beautiful this summer. 

If you are sowing a new lawn, make sure you choose the right one! 

Particular lawn seeds should be sown in particular seasons of the year. So what’s best to sow in summer, you ask? Emerald Kikuyu and Pooch Couch lawn varieties would be your best choices. 

Munns blades of grass

Munns tip: Watch here to see just how easy it is to sow a new lawn.


Other good options for new lawns, or even if you are just over-sowing bare patches, is our Shake ‘N Grow Lawn Seed range. These products contain the perfect combination of seed, fertiliser and wetting agent so all you need to do is unpeel the tape from the bottom, shake the bag on the prepared soil, and watch your lawn grow.  

The right height can make all the difference

Who ever said length doesn’t matter! If your lawn has been cut too short, it will have less ability to withstand stress from the summer heat. 

Ideal mowing heights for cool season grasses (think Tall Fescue or Kentucky) during summer should be approximately 5cm. This height helps to shade the lawn and conserve moisture. 

Ideal mowing heights for warm season grasses (think Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu) during summer should be approximately 1.5cm. 

Your lawn gets thirsty in the sun

During the summer months your lawn and garden can be exposed to some pretty high temperatures. To make sure that you are giving them enough water to drink (without raising the water bill through the roof), check out our watering tips below. 

•    For an established summer lawn variety (think Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu), watering every 7¬–14 days will keep your lawn looking good. 
•    For a cool season lawn (think Tall Fescue, Kentucky), watering every 3–5 days is considered ideal.
•    The best time to water lawns and gardens is early morning (before 9am) or late evening (after 8pm).
•    If using the sprinkler to water the lawn, try using a low projector setting. This will result in less evaporation and more efficient watering.
•    Deeply penetrating irrigations that wet the soil to a considerable depth encourage deep rooting and result in a more vigorous, higher quality lawn that will go longer without water. 

Munns hoseMunns tip: Please ensure you also check with you state’s water board for any applicable water restrictions.


But what is all this good work worth if we don’t feed our lawn? 

The appropriate level of mowing and watering is important for your lawn, but they are no good unless we feed it. 

A well-fertilised lawn will have less weeds, less pests and less diseases compared to a non-fertilised lawn.

Although fertilising on a frequent basis will give you the visual effect of a lush green lawn, the increased mowing and watering required to maintain your lawn’s good condition may outweigh the benefits. 

Here at Munns, we are very conscious of the effect that indiscriminant use of fertilisers have had on our environment and for this reason we suggest that you use the following as a guide only to the frequency of application:

•    High Traffic Areas: every 6 weeks
•    Normal Lawn Use: every 3 months 

For warm season grasses, we recommend you use our Munns Buffalo Booster or our Buffalo Green Fertiliser. 

Suggested application rates are: 
•    Sandy soil: 1kg – 40m²
•    Heavier soil: 1kg – 20m²

For cool season grasses, we recommend you use our Golf Course Green Fertiliser. 

Suggested application rates are: 
•    Sandy soil: 1kg – 40m²
•    Heavier soil: 1kg – 20m²

And our featured product of the season goes to… 

Golf Course Green Organic Lawn Fertiliser. We love this product simply because it promotes healthy growth without extra mowing and can be used on all lawn varieties. 

This fertiliser is non-pelletised, meaning it requires less watering in on application and as an added water-saving benefit, it contains Munns unique organic Weta – Lawn and Garden, meaning it slows down the release of the Golf Course Green, so your lawn is greener, longer with less mowing and less watering – saving you time and money this summer! 

Available in a variety of sizes, find out more here. 

How can I save money on my garden water bill this summer?

With the summer heat on our doorstep and the price of water rates on the rise, it is no wonder that we need to think a bit smarter about how we are using water in our gardens. 

Munns watering canMunns tip: Using wetting agents, mulches and selecting lawn varieties that require a lot less watering is the way to go. 

Using a wetting agent like Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden will trap moisture and hang onto it for longer periods of time, meaning that you will need to water less frequently. Want more benefits? This product is 100% organic and will not harm the environment. It can be used on all lawn varieties as well as around the garden in your pots, garden beds and vegetable patches. 

What’s even better is that a 10kg bag of Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden, applied annually, will feed an area 100-200m² (depending on your soil type) and will only cost you approximately $20! 

Tips for keeping those weeds under control

For broadleaf weeds, try using Munns Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed available from Bunnings nationally. For a three-in-one result, Munns Quick-Fix Triple Lawn Treatment will feed, weed and wet your lawn and is available from good garden centres and other hardware stores. 

Munns fertiliserMunns tip: Both of these products can be used on all lawn varieties, including Buffalo. 



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