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Munns 10-Minute Lawn Care Challenge

Munns 10-Minute Lawn Care Challenge

Do you want to know the easiest way to have a great lawn? We dare you to take our 10-minute challenge – if you are successful; we’re pretty sure you’ll be bragging about having the best lawn on your street, in no time! 

The principle of this challenge involves taking a little time out once a week to go outside into your yards, take a walk around and simply check on things while enjoying some fresh air. 

You’ll notice that just by monitoring your yard’s progress each week, it will become far easier to maintain, as you can diagnose and treat any problems early. 

Ready for the challenge? Here’s how it works. 

Set aside 10 minutes at the end of your day or on the weekend to walk around your lawn and look for the following signs: 

1.    Weeds

If you see a couple of weeds in the lawn, pull them out right then and there. Doing this regularly will almost eliminate the need for any weed spray. 

2.    Water

If the blade of the lawn grass is wilting then your lawn is telling you that it is in need of another drink. Take this opportunity to turn the watering system on. 

3.    Garden Beds

Have a quick look at the edge of your lawn to see if the lawn runners are beginning to creep into the garden bed. If they are and the runner is still quite young, pull it out. This will help you avoid a big garden clean up in the future. 

4.    Sprinklers 

If you have a sprinkler system, double check the pop-ups are free and clear from surrounding soil and overgrowing grass. 

5.    Lawn Pests 

If you notice the early stages of any pest problems like yellow/brown patches, put it on the list for the weekend and take another few minutes to apply pest control like Munns Lawn Grub Killer. 

6.    Thatch

When walking across your lawn, you should be able to feel under your foot if the lawn has excessive thatch build up. If it’s in the early stages make a note to mow the lawn quite low as soon as possible. 

7.    Fertilising 

If the lawn has lost its colour and it’s not winter or a drought, then the lawn definitely needs some fertiliser. Don't do it now, leave it for the weekend when you can take a few extra minutes to spend enjoying your lawn and garden.

And that’s it! Reading it may sound like a bit of work, but when it is done regularly it really is quite simple. Before you know it, you’ll have the most beautiful lawn with the littlest amount of effort! 

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