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Get your lawn and garden looking great this autumn!

Get your lawn and garden looking great this autumn!

Autumn is certainly one of the most pleasant times for gardening, which is great, because there is always so much to do! 

In this season’s blog we’ll give you tips on: 

  • Which lawn seed is best to sow in Autumn 
  • How you can repair your lawn after a hot summer
  • Lawn fertilising and how you can save time
  • Pruning and taking care of your garden 

Plus, we’ll show you some of our newest products along the way.  

Sowing a new lawn

Lawn seeds come in two different types; warm season and cool season grasses. 

If you are sowing a new lawn during March, April or May, you will want to sow cool season grasses like Tall fescue, Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Munns Pixie Sun N Shade Lawn Seed and Munns Arid Smartgrass Lawn Seed

These grasses can be sown all year round and can be found in the following Munns lawn seeds: 



Early March in most states of Australia is still ideal to sow Couch and Kikuyu lawn varieties. 

Timed well for the season, Munns have just released their Emerald Kikuyu 100% Pure Kikuyu Seed in a 1.2kg pack – that’ll cover 75m2.

Munns Emerald Kikuyu 100% Pure Seed 1.2kg

Previously only available in a 400gm pack, this seed is ideal to use for new lawns, lawn repair patches and over-sowing cool season grass lawns that collapse in the heat. 

Emerald Kikuyu is more cold tolerant than other warm season grasses and retains its green colour better. It also withstands heat and drought well and is not susceptible to many of the common turf pests or diseases.

Find out more about our Emerald Kikuyu 100% Pure Seed and your nearest stockist here

Munns tip: To sow these varieties in March, you need to make sure that your ground temperatures are around 18ºC for at least three weeks. If the ground temperatures are below this then you should choose from the cool season varieties listed above.

Never seeded a new lawn before? Watch our how to video here.


How to repair your lawn after Summer

The Summer heat can cause your lawn stress, so as the temperature begins to drop in Autumn, it can be a great time to spend some time reviving your lawn. 

To revive your existing lawn, simply follow these steps:

Munns Superstart Seed and Turf Starter Fertiliser

  1. Cut your lawn down close and catch the clippings and if you can, disturb the soil by raking through the area with a steel rake.
  2. Mix your choice of lawn seed with Munns Superstart Seed and Turf Starter Fertiliser in a bucket. 

    Munns tip:
    You could also take this opportunity to mix your once a year Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden wetting agent in with the seed and starter.

  3. Broadcast this mix evenly over the whole lawn.
  4. Lightly top dress with approximately 1cm of sandy loam. This enables seed soil contact for better germination. 
  5. Water the area with a fine mist spray so you don't wash the seeds into clumps. 

    Munns tip:
    Try to keep the top 1cm moist at all times during germination.


Fertilising your lawn

You simply cannot forget to feed your lawn when Autumn arrives. 

During Summer, the nights can get quite cold with limited cloud cover, which can slow down the grass growth. However, the soil is still warm meaning that there is still good growth within the roots. 

Any fertiliser from the Munns range will have your lawn looking greener within 7-10 days and will continue right throughout Easter and the remaining Autumn months.

Our Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser is a popular option for many gardeners as it is an organic based quality lawn fertiliser that promotes healthy growth without extra mowing. 

Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser

Ideal for all lawn varieties, including Buffalo, and is great coupled with our newest product, Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed.


Munns Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed

Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed out now.

Three in one – your jobs done! 

Our Weed and Feed contains nutrients and our organic Weta Lawn and Garden wetting agent, which means it helps trap moisture in the soil. 

It promotes fresh green lawn growth whilst killing clovers, flatweeds, thistles, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. 

The Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed is suitable for all lawn varieties, including buffalo. 


See it to believe it!

Check out these before and after photos from one of our customers. 

Based in the Adelaide Hills, this customer used our Buffalo Booster Weed and Feed and then fertilised twice* after with our Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser


‘We are loving it!’ ‘Our lawn is so green! Munns has worked so well, we will never stop using it on our lawn now!’



*Fertilised twice at 6-week intervals. 


Looking after the garden in Autumn 

Fertilising your garden 

You’ll now need to turn your attention to the garden to ensure that it is looking healthy and compliments the hard work you have just put into the lawn. 

To fertilise the garden, you'll need to use our range of Betta Bloom. Packaged in a 1kg pouch that comes with a free measuring scoop; it's a complete NPK fertiliser that contains its own organic wetting agent.

Our range of Betta Bloom comes complete for roses, berries, chillies, tomatoes, and citrus plants. They each have a balanced supply of major nutrients with added trace elements for healthy and sustained growth. 

With a combination of soluble nutrients for instant nutrient availability and an organic base to provide a slow release of organic nutrients, the entire range can be used both on established and potted plants. 

Plant now to have flowers during Winter

Looking to set up your garden for a pop of sensual colour during winter? If you mass plant primulas now you’ll be the envy of the street as soon as the cooler weather rolls in. 

Our pick of the bunch? Primula Lollipops are easy to grow and produce delicate lacy blooms in shades of bright pink, lavender, warm pink, burgundy and white.

Growing to 30-40cm high, they’ll flower prolifically through to the start of spring and look fabulous in pots.

Primula Lollipops










Promote new growth in the garden by pruning

There are a couple of reasons as to why you should be pruning your garden this time of year. 

Pruning removes dead or diseased wood, promotes more flowering and fruit and stimulates new growth. Pruning also allows you to maintain an attractive and shapely plant. 

When you prune, you want to remove crossing branches and branches that grow back towards the centre of the tree.

Munns tip: Don’t cut more than a third of the plant off. 



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