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Don’t let Winter rain on your garden’s parade

Don’t let Winter rain on your garden’s parade

It’s official, Winter is here. 

Yes, we know it is cold and wet, and you would much rather be cuddled up warm inside however there are still many things that you should be doing to keep your lawn and garden looking right.  

Below are some lawn and garden tips for Winter. 


Avoid allowing your lawn to grow wild! 

It is important that you still mow your lawn during Winter, but there are a few key tips to remember. 

For cool season grasses like Munns Arid Smartgrass, Munns Arid Sun and Shade and Munns Pixie Sun N Shade Tall Fescue lawns, we recommend lowering the mowing height on your lawn mower to approximately 2.5cm in height as this allows for the Winter sun and its warmth to shine into the thatch, which will improve your turf quality. 

For warm season grasses like Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo, we recommend not cutting your lawn at all during the Winter months. If you find that you really need to cut your lawn to maintain weed growth, do not go any lower than 2–3.5cm. 

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Munns tip: Try not to cut lawns when they are wet and don’t forget to check your mower blades prior to cutting as sharp blades will give a cleaner cut. 

Planting a new lawn in Winter

Are you thinking about planting a new lawn or reviving your existing lawn and are not sure what grass to choose? Right now, it is best to sow cool season grasses such as Tall fescue, Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass.

These lawn varieties can be sown 12 months of the year and are included in the following Munns products:

Watch our video here for how to seed a new lawn: 



Let your lawn breathe 

raking leaves from deciduous trees

Deciduous trees are great to have in the garden and provide year–round benefits.

But at the end of Autumn when they have dropped all their leaves, you need to ensure that they are picked up from the lawn. 

The leaves drop so that the tree can let sunlight through to the lawn, however if you do not pick the leaves up, they block sunlight to the grass underneath, hinder the oxygen, water and nutrients from getting where they need to go. In turn this will make the lawn below more susceptible to fungal diseases and pests.


Feeding your lawn in Winter

Yes, your lawn will get a good drink throughout the rainy months but don’t forget to feed it. 

Cool season grasses like those listed below are evergreen and grow year round, so they will need fertilising. 

  • Tall Fescue (Munns Arid Smartgrass, Munns Arid Sun and Shade and Munns Pixie Sun N Shade)
  • Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye Grass or Chewings Fescue (Munns Golf Course Green, Munns Houndog, Munns Victorian and Munns Fairway Green Lawn seed mixes)


Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser is great for cool season grasses









To fertilise these varieties we recommend you use either Munns Golf Course Green Organically Enriched or Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Lawn Fertilisers.

Warm season grasses are typically your Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo varieties.

To fertilise these varieties we recommend you use either Munns Buffalo Booster Lawn Fertiliser or Munns Buffalo Green Lawn Fertiliser.

Munns Buffalo Booster and Munns Buffalo Green Lawn Fertilisers are great for warm season grasses during winter









Both of these fertilisers also contain Munns Weta-Lawn & Garden.

Munns water saving products are a once a year application, perfect for winter rain

A once-a-year application, this water saver traps moisture in the soil and slows down the release of fertiliser, making your lawn greener for longer.

The best part? You can let the Winter rains water it in for you, saving you money.

If you prefer a liquid fertiliser then we also have available the Munns Organic Lawn Booster Liquid Fertiliser.

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Munns tip: Don’t fertilise your lawn if the temperature is below 15°C and always cut your lawn and catch clippings before fertilising.


Weed out the weak! 

During Winter, weeds take advantage of your lawn’s weakened state to fill every possible gap. 

Bindii and broad-leaved weeds can be easily controlled without causing damage to your lawn with help from our Pest and Weed Control Range. 

Maintaining a healthy lawn without weeds will result in fewer problems with lawn pests and fungus disease.


Take care of Bindii and Broad-leaved weeds with Munns weed control range









There are a few types of pest and weed control products available that you can choose from in both liquid and granulated format to help combat weeds in your lawn. These are:

Broadleaf weeds like Bindii, Clover, Paterson’s Curse, Creeping Oxalis and Wireweed should be sprayed anytime throughout Winter up until August.

If you have sour sobs growing in your lawn, regular mowing will help weaken them and once spring arrives they will simply disappear until next winter.

In conjunction with Kim Syrus from In the Garden, we have created this short video to show you exactly how to use our Munns Quick Fix Triple Lawn Treatment and our Munns Buffalo Booster Weed & Feed.


Coring your lawn in Winter coring your lawn in winter can have many benefits

As the warmer months come to an end, many lawns can become compacted and weedy.

Now, while the soil is softer, is an ideal time to aerate the lawn to allow moisture back into the soil and rejuvenate your lawn.

Coring improves the flow of air, water and fertiliser nutrients through the soil and turf root zone, and the process can be done with a hand held corer or you can hire a machine and contractor to get the job done for you.

After coring, we recommend you directly apply Gypsum (a soft sulphate mineral) at 1kg per 2sqm. The Gypsum will work its way into the core holes and improve drainage in your lawn.

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Munns tip: The Gypsum could be mixed in with your lawn fertiliser and applied at the same time, watering in immediately afterwards. 


For more great tips like these and inspirational ideas for your lawn and garden, make sure you follow Munns on Facebook.

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