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Don’t give your lawn the cold shoulder this winter

Don’t give your lawn the cold shoulder this winter

Many Australians make the mistake of neglecting their lawns through winter. And that seems fair enough. The weather isn’t great, and winter is arguably better spent inside watching the footy with a beer. 

Unfortunately though, lawns aren’t great at fending for themselves. You are your lawns best defence, so it pays to maintain it. 


What’s wrong with winter?

You’ve probably got a warm season lawn - most Aussies do - which means that in the warmer weather, your lawn thrives. The downside of this is that when the temperature drops, lawn growth slows and can go into dormancy. 

During winter, Aussie lawns tend to lose colour and struggle to repair. This is due to the sun’s position in the sky, increased shade and lower soil temperatures. 


Winter wonderlawn

Having a beautiful lawn in winter isn’t impossible.

As mentioned in last season's blog, you can help create a wonderful winter lawn by fertilising, regular mowing and weeding in autumn. But what's the best way to care for your lawn through winter?
Hands off the hose
Over-watering will drastically increase the possibility of turf diseases, or rotting of the thatch layer.

Generally speaking, as the temperature continues to decrease, so should your watering. In fact, in most parts of Australia, winter rainfall should be enough.



During winter, weeds like to take advantage of your lawns weakened state. You’ll find Bindii and Broadleaf weeds can be easily controlled with the right herbicides. 

Broadleaf weeds include clovers, dandelions, capeweed, cudweed and thistles. 

We recommend using:


Winter lawns get hungry too

Late August will be the perfect time to give your lawn a good feed with a fertiliser. 

With warm season grasses, we recommend using either Munns Buffalo Booster Lawn Fertiliser or Munns Buffalo Green Lawn Fertiliser.

With cool season grasses, we recommend using either Munns Golf Course Green Organically Enriched Lawn Fertiliser or Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser.


Holey reincarnation 


By winter’s end, if your soil is compacted and your lawn is patchy, it’s time to aerate the soil and over-sow your lawn. 

You can aerate the soil by pushing a corer into the soil or hiring a mechanical aerator. To thicken weak or patchy lawns, we recommend over-sowing with Munns Arid Sun N Shade Lawn Seed Mix. 

Watch the video here of Kim Syrus to see just how easy it is to use. 

During the cooler months, we recommend lowering the mowing height on your cool season lawn (e.g. fescue & rye) to approximately 2cm-2.5cm and on your warm season lawn (couch, kikuyu & buffalo) to approximately 2cm, which will allow the sun and its warmth into the thatch which helps improve the quality of your turf.

Follow these tips, and your lawn will be primed and ready to spring into action come… well, spring!

For more great advice like this and inspirational ideas for your lawn, make sure you follow Munns on Facebook. And make sure to send in photos of your winter lawn, we’d to love give some suggestions and share your posts on our page!

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