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Create your very own kitchen garden!

Create your very own kitchen garden!

This month we are focusing on bringing the outdoors in with out kitchen garden tips. We love garden kitchens because not only do the bring life and colour into your space, they also allow you to have fresh herbs at the ready when cooking your meals. 

Follow our simple tips for your very own kitchen garden.


Step 1 5 best herbs for kitchen gardens

Select which herbs you would like to grow. 

Our favourites include:

Parsley- A vibrant and versatile herb, which can be used in a range of dishes including chicken, seafood, game, eggs, mushrooms, potatoes and more. 

Sage- A strong distinct flavour, which can help add depth to your dishes. use it with meats, potatoes, breads, pastas and vegetable dishes. 

Mint- A refreshing and slightly sweet herb perfect for salads, desserts and lamb. 

Rosemary- A woody, fragrant and evergreen herb. It’s the perfect accompaniment to roasts and stuffings and is great for seasoning soups and sauces. 

Basil- A very fragrant herb that lends itself well to many cuisines; it’s great in stir-fries, pastas, pizzas and more. 

Step 2 planting your kitchen garden

Once you have selected which herbs you would like to grow in your kitchen, it’s time to get planting! 

Follow these simple steps:

1. Soak your seeds in water for a few hours before planting 

2. Fill your pot plant with high quality soil. 

3. Plant you seeds 3 times deeper than their width. 

4. Place your pot in the sunniest spot in your kitchen. 

5. Water your pot plant when the surface of the soil is dry to touch. 

Step 3

harvesting your kitchen garden

After 5-6 weeks your herbs should start to sprout. To harvest your herbs you must: 

1. Only pick them once buds appear or when the herb is looking full and lush. 

2. When cutting the herb, ensure you cut at least 10cm from the base of the plant. 

3. Only harvest small amounts at a time to ensure you plant continues to grow. 

We would love to see you kitchen garden progress. Please send you progress shots to and we may feature you on our Facebook page. 

Good luck garden lovers! 

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