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Autumn tips for your lawn and garden

Autumn tips for your lawn and garden

Autumn is the best time of the year to sow cool season grasses such as Tall fescue, Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass.

These varieties can be sown 12 months of the year and are included in the following Munns products:

For most states in Australia, early March is still an ideal time to sow Couch and Kikuyu lawn seed varieties including: 



Munns tip: 

Make sure your ground temperatures are around 23 degrees celcius. This will be required for at least 3 - 4 weeks.


What if my ground temperatures are below that?

If the ground temperatures are below this then you could choose from the cool season varieties listed above. Come Spring, you can over sow with either Pooch Couch, Emerald Kikuyu or Shake ‘N Grow SunSmart Couch Lawn Seed Mix.


What results can I expect? 

Below are some examples of what these cooler season grass varieties look like. 

Munns Pooch Couch


Munns Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix



Munns Emerald Kikuyu


Munns Emerald Kikuyu Lawn Seed Mix



Munns Arid Smartgrass Lawn Seed mix


Munns Arid Smartgrass Lawn Seed Mix



What is the easiest way to sow a lawn? 

Sowing a lawn can be a daunting process but the start of the Autumn season is one of the best times to get into your garden. That's why we have made sowing your lawn really easy for you. 

Launched in Spring 2012, the Munns Shake ’N Grow range comes with a built in spreader so all you have to do is unpeel the tape from the bottom of the handheld bag, shake the bag on your prepared soil, and water accordingly.

Then simply sit back and watch your lawn grow - it's that simple!

Each Shake 'N Grow pack contains the perfect combination of seed, fertiliser and wetting agent and comes in five varieties: Emerald Kikuyu Lawn Seed MixPooch Couch Lawn Seed MixArid Smartgrass Lawn Seed MixSmartgrass Lawn Seed Mix, and SunSmart Couch Lawn Seed Mix.

Munns Shake 'N Grow Emerald KikuyuMunns Shake 'N Grow Pooch CouchMunns Shake 'N Grow Arid SmartgrassMunns Shake 'N Grow SmartgrassMunns Shake 'N Grow SunSmart


Munns sun iconHow can I revive my tired lawn? 

After a very hot (and may we say late) summer, a lot of lawns are not looking their best. The Autumn season is the perfect time to fix this. Follow our tips below to get your lawn back in shape.

  1. Cut your lawn down close and catch the clippings
  2. If you can, disturb the soil by raking through the area with a steel rake
  3. Mix your choice of lawn seed with Munns Seed and Turf Starter Fertiliser in a bucket
  4. Broadcast this mix evenly over the whole lawn
  5. Lightly top dress the area with approximately 1cm of sandy loam. This enables seed soil contact for better germination
  6. Water the area with a fine mist spray so you don't wash the seeds into clumps. Note: try to keep the top 1cm moist at all times during germination



Munns tip: 

During step three, you could at this time also mix your once a year wetting agent in with the seed and starter. Try using Munns Weta Lawn and Garden.


and, lastly we cannot forget to fertilise!Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

If you have a Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu lawn, Autumn is a very good time of the year to fertilise. Any fertiliser from the Munns range will have your lawn looking greener within 7-10 days and will continue right throughout Easter and the remaining Autumn months.

Our Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Fertiliser is the newest product to our range. Containing the most premium form of slow release technology on the market, it is the easiest way to feed your lawn and will last up to 12 weeks. 

Each small pack (the 1.5kg and 2.5kg) has a built-in spreader, just like the Shake 'N Grow lawn seeds, so all you need to do is peel off the bottom, shake the bag, water it in and you're done! 

Ideal for all types of lawn including instant turf one month after laying, these bags have BIG coverage. See below the different sizes and range of coverage: 

  • 1.5kg = 60sqm
  • 2.5kg = 100sqm
  • 10kg = 400sqm



Munns tip:

Rake up any leave that may fall on your lawn throughout Autumn. If you were to leave them there, they will shade out and smother your lawn, which will lead to your lawn going thin and patchy. 

To fertilise the garden, you'll need to use Munns Organic Garden Booster. Ideal to dig into soil prior to planting or you can place a handful into the hole prior to placing plants, this fertiliser can be used on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, natives and seedlings.

Depending which state you live in, March and April are a great time to feed your roses with Munns Betta Bloom Fertiliser allowing you to produce some extra flowers before winter sets in. Below is a quote sent from David, the former Head Gardener at Swanes Nursery, Dural (NSW): 

Just thought you would like to see a sample of the results of the Betta Bloom on some potted roses, they were looking grim to say the least so I gave them approx. 50 grams half a scoop per pot and this is the results after just over 3 weeks I was amazed at not just the results but the speed which it worked. To say I am impressed is somewhat of an understatement.
David Cooper

Ice Berg roses fed with Munns Betta BloomPierre De Ronsard roses fed with Munns Betta Bloom

(L) The Iceberg Rose on the left fertilised with Munns Betta Bloom fertiliser and (R) Pierre De Ronsard roses on the left fertilised with Betta Bloom as compared with a pot that isn’t. 

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