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Shake 'N Grow Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix

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Shake 'N Grow Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix is easy to use. See below our recommended directions for application on new lawns. 

Directions for new lawn:

  • Soil is to be evenly graded, well drained and level.
  • Lightly rake the area one way to create furrows.
  • Some contents may have settled so turn the bag upside down to ensure the pack is mixed.
  • Peel off the bottom seal and start shaking. Walking north, south then crisscross east, west shaking the pack until the shaker bag is empty.
  • Lightly cross rake in the opposite direction.
  • Keep the top 1cm of soil moist at all times during germination using a fine mist spray.
  • Mow when the new plants are approximately 5cm - 6cm high removing only the top 2cm off the grass. This will strengthen the grass and encourage root growth.
  • After the second cut, fertilise with Munns Golf Course Green Lawn Fertiliser.
  • Best time to sow Spring and Autumn, however it can be sown 12 months of the year.

Contains Munns Weta Lawn and Garden and Munns Lawn Seed Starter Fertiliser with trace elements to assist your lawn during establishment.

Munns Shake 'N Grow Pooch Couch Lawn Seed Mix
Contains By Count Minimum Germination
Hulled Bermunda Couch 82% 85%
Turf Type Ryegrass 18% 85%

Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet.


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